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  • Covid made hybrid experiences more acceptable and even desirable
  • Self-determination theory is a framework for evaluating technology experience, focusing on core needs: agency, competence, and social connection
  • Designed well, technology can contribute to the satisfaction of…
Photo by Alexandra Gorn/Unsplash

Photo by Erin Kwon/Unsplash


  • Clubhouse is the ‘app dujour.’ A throwback, it is audio-only for drop-in discussions, serendipitous meetings, and eavesdropping without shame.
  • Invitation- and IOS-only, exclusivity, celebrity, and FOMO fuel its appeal; voice transmits emotion without the distraction of video, creating a sense of intimacy.
  • Popular with marketers and Influencers, there is a…

Dr. Pamela Rutledge

Pamela Rutledge is a media psychologist, prof, writer, researcher & consultant, looking for the ‘why’ that drives media consumption, meaning & impact.

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